Whats going on inside Our Minds

Our Minds has three divisions to its ever evolving thought process.

Music, Art and Design.

We have many projects under way within these three realms but the project that sits closest to our hearts is what Our Minds was founded upon. It started with an Idea, now becoming reality.

The Our Minds Book:

We are creating a beautiful book filled with your amazing memories and experiences at different psychedelic music festivals from around the world! Different cultures, different perspectives, different places, yet all under the same sky, stars and Moon! A very unique look into the minds of our people. Our global family. Our Minds.

Our Aim:

The aim is to take a collection of your incredible experiences & create a beautiful hard covered book filled with magic moments, crazy stories and beautiful realisations. With the best intention, we plan to start a worldwide community, sharing stories and experiences from different cultures and festivals around the world. This unique book will be available to purchase right here.

Our Mission & Vision:

The majority of profits made from the sale of The Our Minds book will go towards community projects, reforestation projects and conservation in the countries where the book has been bought or sold.

Our capability as a worldwide community is unstoppable and with us putting our minds together we can create a reality that has never been seen before. A reality where we all play our part in transforming the world for the greater good of all beings.

The competition:

To make things more exciting we have a beautiful prize up for grabs. Submit your story and win A trip for two people to any psychedelic festival on earth! Prize includes Return flights, entrance tickets and transport to and from the festival venue.

Follow the steps below to be a part of the Our Minds family:

1. Register & login

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not use your last name in your username

2. Use your mind

Have you ever had an incredible/ weird/ mind altering experience at an outdoor festival? Do you have any stories/experiences you wish to share with the world?

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your most beautiful experiences and you could win an amazing prize!

3. Share your experience

Here's the fun part! Get your creative juices flowing, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and tell us what happened to you, your friends, your mind and your body! Anything goes and we wish to hear it all, no matter how out there or crazy your story might seem! Let go and let it flow.

Note: All submissions will be strictly confidential and posted with only a first name so you need not worry about your mommy knowing your deepest thoughts or mind altered experiences! Your secrets are safe in this space.

4. Holding thumbs

A panel of four judges will select who wins with the best story submission and that lucky person will win an all expenses paid trip for themselves and their favourite person to a psychedelic music festival of their choice, anywhere in the world!

Prize includes return flights, two entrance tickets to chosen festival, transport to and from the festival, as well as a surprise hamper filled with festival necessities to make your experience that much more incredible. Good luck and happy writing!